1) Receive up to 100% profit for your organization.

2) Receive 70% profit if we do everything. To increase your profit:

Add 10% profit  if you do your own packets with money collection envelopes, pledge forms, parent           letters, prize flyer, daily prize flyer, and reminder notes.

Add 8% if you do your own prize program.

Add 5% if you do your own record keeping.

Add 7% if you do your own dedicated web site with personal video.

You can always accept credit/debit cards for donations at no charge.

3) No parent or student registration is needed or necessary. We feel companies using a Parent/Student Registration Portal risk parent and student privacy. Worse of all, most ask you to upload emails, names, and more without asking the supporter’s permission.

Click on the arrow to view a sample site.

4) No need to invoice supporters. It’s over on the day you set.

5) You only need one volunteer to run some thons - more for others.

6) Can be used for fun run, read, walk, jump, hit, march, math-a-thons and more.

7) Perfect for your band, PTA, PTO, parent group, team, choir, and group.

8) You receive personal support from our fundraising specialist.

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For information how you can run your own FTF Thon, call us, or contact us by clicking on “Request Info” to pull up an email form.

Sample Prize Program Our local fun runs include a 30 foot long, 11 foot high, two tunnel obstacle course for exciting, fun, calorie burning completion of each lap.

Our thon is the easiest fundraiser for a PTA, PTO, team, or group.

We make it easy for Family, Friends, and Neighbors

to support your cause! We honor supporters’ privacy!

Students/members do not upload emails

or private information into a personal web page.