With this option, shipping must be paid unless you reach $65 or more in orders. Orders must be paid for and placed using the forFUNDSonline website.

Step 1: Nonprofit members/participants register by clicking on the “register” button under “How it Works” at www.forFUNDSonline.com.

Step 2: Input the Program ID you received for forFUNDSonline.com. This is not the PayThankYou Organization ID.

Step 3: Once you register, you will receive a unique Participant ID.

Step 4: Share your Participant ID and forFUNDSonline.com with family and friends.

The Participant ID ties sales from forFUNDSonline to your organization and guarantees the student/participant gets the credit he/she deserves!

Orders are shipped to the address entered during checkout using forFUNDSonline. If an order is $65 or more, free shipping is provided.

Option #2 Option #1 Paying for and sending your order to a member or organization.

If you have been given an Organization ID and a brochure name(s), use this option.

Step 1: Click on the name of the brochure below which was given to you by the member or group you are supporting.

Caution: You will not receive product if you pick items from the wrong brochure. Product is delivered by the student/member, and not from this website.

Step 2: Write down the item codes you want and the total amount due.

Step 3: Click                        

and enter the Organization ID.

Setp 4: Pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card. You will be sent a receipt.

Step 5: Instruct the member/group you are supporting to write your item codes and “Paid with a Card” on their order form.

Step 6: Product will be delivered to you by the member or group you are supporting. Product is not shipped to you via this website - ever.

Thank you for your support.

Click on BROCHURE NAME (Must order from correct brochure)




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Items are  delivered to you by the student/member/parent.