PayThankYou lifts payment barriers – allows your supporters to use their preferred payment method—debit or credit cards.

Fundraise the same – supporters will pay on the spot using their debit or credit card on their mobile device as if they were using cash or a check.

Easy to use – Supporters go to to enter your nonprofit Organization ID to make their payment. Not an app—no download needed.

Supporters receive a receipt via email – They also receive your contact information. This gives them confidence in their support and makes them comfortable to purchase more.

Increase profits – PTY removes the excuse – “I don’t have cash on me.” 50% of customers carry less than $20.

Your organization will have full reports – reports show the purchase amount, what the purchase was for, the student or member supported, and more.

What a great fundraising idea for our PTO. Our parents shared our order forms with the PayThankYou information and collected over $1,500 in credit card payments from their friends. One reason we were able to increase our sale over $4,000.

Stephanie D, PTO President

Making a payment is fast and easy!

Mary C, PTO Supporter

Registering our PTA took less than 15 minutes, and we were approved the same day. This took over 2 weeks with another service.

Michelle K, PTSA President

Consumers say they prefer credit/debit cards.

Reasons nonprofits, PTAs/PTOs, Youth Groups use PayThankYou

As a parent, I appreciated that I did not have to sign up to make a payment. All I had to do was input my school’s ID. The last thing I need is another username or password to remember.

David S, PTA Supporter

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PayThankYou gives your supporters the choice to pay/donate with a credit or debit card.

No transaction fees or monthly fees to your group!

We increase your fundraising profits by using this service,

and it is free!

Sign up for your own personal account and use it for t-shirt sales, bake sales, car washes, yearbooks, book fairs and more.